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Thank you for your attendance!


All of us at The Advisory Group want to thank you for your attendance at our recent Alumni Event.

We are very fortunate to have such a large and interested participant base that make every year a success and we look forward to seeing you next year.


Message From Rob


I want to personally thank you for sitting through 4 hours!  I know this is tough, and I hope I kept the material interesting and relevant.

From my perspective as a speaker, time flew and thanks to your questions and involvement I was actually surprised when time ran out.

I am working on the slides for you to print or download.  My plan was to post them today, but I have decided to add a few additional slides with company links and product links based upon your questions.

I also want to add some additional material on PC buying advice, home network security and a quick review of the newest tablets (new Kindles, IPad Air, IPad Mini, Samsung refresh).

I am working on this material now, and this is the page to check back for the completed slides.  I expect to complete them by Thursday or Friday, and you will be able to view them online, download them to your PC or mobile device or generate a PDF (as long as you use FoxIt)!

Thank you again for your attendance and I enjoyed seeing all of you.